Royal Massage Wellness & Spa
Royal Massage Wellness & Spa


Aromatherapy is a method of massage which is relaxing and depending on the essential oils we use has the corresponding beneficial properties.

Cinnamon & Spices

Cinnamon essential oil is used for colds, exhaustion and rheumatism. Helps in blood circulation. Vanilla essential oil is used for nervousness, stress, tension and depression. It is thought to evoke a pleasant feeling of well-being similar to eating chocolate. Clove essential oil has many properties, some of which are: analgesic, rejuvenating and tonic.


Lavender is used to fight stress, anxiety and insomnia, relieves muscle pain and harmonizes the senses.


Coconut oil has excellent healing properties, is effective in healing scars and is wonderful in rejuvenating the skin. Offers large amounts of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals my skin and hair need.

Chocolate Oil

Chocolate aroma oil. Moisturizing, healing, relaxing. The aroma of chocolate relaxes us and boosts our self-confidence.

1 Hour


40 €